Top Ten Niches

What is a Niche?

A niche is a small and specialized market. You know people who have pictures of dogs,cats on their shirts,blankets and pillows. Those dog printed products are good example of a niche market,just like jewelry,sports material for a specific sport team.

Top Ten Niches:

If you are a freelance writer,then having a freelance writing niche is important. How much money you can make as a freelancer depends upon your niche. So, you definitly don’t want to mess this obe up.

To help you, I have created a list of top ten niches that are most profitable in the market.

1. Health & Fitness.

Exercise daily is the single most important thing you can do for your health. So this is best niche to write about it.

2. Technology.

If you’ r some one who knows a lot about smartphone, tablets, laptops and operating systems,this is the ideal freelance writing niche for you.

3. Medical.

The medical niche is one of the most in demand and highly paid one in the world. If you are related to medical and highly certified then there is no better niche than this. But if you don’t know well about medical then don’t choose to write.

4. Law.

If you are a lawyer,or a law student then this is a best niche for you. There are a lot of law documents out there that you can help write for your clients. You ‘ll find lots of online law services as well that you can write for. You ‘ll be paid a lot of money for it as well.

5. Web hosting.

If you know a bit about what goes on at the beckend of a website,then web hosting is a very attractive freelance writing niche. If you are interested in this one,then you should target blogs that are enrolled in web hosting affiliate programs.

6. Sports & games.

If you are a sport lover then this is a crazy freelance writing niche for you. You can write about cricket (PSL,IPL,Worldcup) hockey,footbal,and all other games.

7. Arts & Culture.

It is a human activity. If you ‘r interested in different arts & culture freelance writing then you can write a lot  about painting, architecture, textile, music, dance, decorative arts. You ‘ll be highly paid for it.

8. Cyber security.

There is a globel demand for information about online security. People wabts to know how to safely use the internet and avoid circumstances like identity theft. Online privacy is most common thing that is searched. So, you can write about cyber security.

9. Jobs & career.

This is most searching niche right now. You can write about different jobs & career. People having degrees ,search online jobs. So, you can write  a lot for it.

10. SaaS.

SaaS stands for “software as a service”. It refers to companies that use a suscription based model and offer software that helps to solve a particular problem for their users.

If you are a freelance writer,then you know about a popular software called Grammarly. This software suggests changes in your text based on grammitical errors,punctuations and other writing issues. It saves a lot of time in the editing. Such software have a huge marketimg budget. Since they are digital ,they ‘ll always need more content.


I think every niche has the potential to make thousands of dollar in the long run. This is a list of top ten niches either you choose from the list or not but article writing makes money for you.

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