Tips for oily skin care

1:clean & peel off a cucumber.put half of it in blender.add 1tsp of plain yogurt .blend mixture untill smooth.Apply mask on entire face,avoiding eye area.leave lit for 10 to 15 minutes.Then remove it with luck warm water.

2:   Take strawberry 4 ripes,cleaned,put in a bowl .mash with fork .Add 1tsp of plain yogurt.mixture apply on face for 10 -15 minutes.Then wash it with luke warm water.

  3: 1 tspn lemon juice ,one cup oatmeal ,1 tblsp yogurt .Apply it on face for 10-15 minutes then wash it with lucke warm water.

Take 2 or 3 tblsp baking soda with equal amount of water in a bowl.Apply it on face and gently massage on face about 3 minutes.Yhen rinse it with lucke warm water.

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