How to Get Your First Order On Fiverr

How to Get Your first Order on Fiverr (Guide and Tips)

Everybody features a dream of self-employment.  If you would like to become your own boss freelancing is best. It provides you to settle on your own work hours, workplace and build a secure career. you’ll make unlimited money as a freelancer. There are variety of freelance website where you’ll be able to register yourself. Fiverr is one in every of the simplest websites that has you facility to sell your skills and earn money. Buyers also come on fiverr for hiring some skillful person per their company demand.  If you’ve got a gorgeous Gig, pictures, complete description of your skills and career, work experience you easily get hired. The freelancer on Fiverr sells his services and gets money. Like Fiverr, there are many other market places like Guru, Upwork etc. These are all biding sites but the difference between Fiverr and other market place is control and it provides a decent chance of job for brand new freelancers. On these sites, the buyer posts a project, the freelancer put a bid. If client just like the proposal they hire that person. So it’s important that you simply have attractive Gigs so you’ll get proposal easily. the foremost common problem for freelancer is the way to get his first order. Here are some important tips to induce orders easily on Fiverr.

Title and Tags

You need to indicate your previous work experience so buyers know your ability. Choose keywords for the category within which you wish to form Gigs. Visit Fiverr and search what other successful people do. you’ve got to put in writing titles of all of your five Gigs. Write tags on note book by copying all top 5 or 10 Fiverr Gigs. Notice most typical points from that Gigs then select five most well-liked Gigs. Now list your title and tags. After you have done your research write your own Gig carefully. Write your category and tags. once you have completed this important step click save and next. You’ll be able to add packages and good description.


Your Gig description should be to the purpose. From your description the client should easily know what you’re selling. you must write description in bullet points. If you are going to offer services like content writing and data entry then there should be no grammar and spelling mistakes.

Adding videos in Gigs

Adding video in your Gigs provide you a higher chance to win proposal from client. So add attractive videos and pictures in your Gigs associated with your skills are important. for instance if you’re an internet developer, you create a sample website, then take screen shot and add this screen shot in your gig.

Give something for free

If you provide “Buy one get one free” offer to your clients. Believe me you’ll be able to get order easily. once you have delivered your order ask your client to go away a pleasant feedback. During this way your gig can rank high.

Promote your videos

When you have created a pleasant Gig, market it on social media. you must promote your Gig videos on Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter etc.

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