The fashion industry had faced many interesting phase due to pandemic situation during past years. As an entrepreneur, staying aware of these trends and changes in industry is necessary. Here, we are going to listed 3 top trends in fashion. Let’s disclose what other things is helping the shape of fashion industry in future.

Glimpse of fashion industry

The global fashion industry will be reached cost 44 billion USD at the end of year 2028. As most of the buyers shop online. Therefore, online clothing industry will increase 27% by the end of year 2023. In global market share, USA is on top of the list and China is on 2nd number.

Top 3 Trends in Fashion Industry and Apparel

  1. Clothing has become genderless

Society is based on the distinction of men and women. For centuries, men and women clothing is different. But now a day, many cultures are mixing the wearing trends. People wear clothing that they feel comfortable. That is why industries design genderless clothing. There a number of genderless brands those integrate unisex clothing.  Most popular brands such as Muttonhead, unisex, one DNA and Blindness are genderless. These brands are giving option to people who want to wear genderless clothes. During Covid-19, people have been stuck to their home.  Online shopping trend has increased. People began to give importance to shop comfortable clothes. In the end of 2020, many fashion industries began to manufacture comfortable items. In pandemic condition, demand of yoga pants, T-shirts, Calvin Klein, and Dick’s sporting goods are increasing.

  1. Honest and continual Buying Behavior

In this modern era, more public evidence have brought attention to social matters that are linked to the fashion industry, when it comes in fashion fastly

For beginners wastage of textile is high because of consumer’s habits. People buy clothes more than their need. In this way, a billion of clothes goes in dustbin. As some people recycle this waste and create their clothes. Therefore people tend to brands that make high quality clothing. As awareness increases, most of the people do favor to brands for their fair trade dealing.

  1. E commerce continue to grow

Online shopping has become hot trend now days. In covid-19 most of the stores are shut down. Therefore all businesses shift towards e commerce. Now the pandemic situation has gone far away but it is not suitable to revert back business to physical stores. So there is a chance of growing e commerce. Most of the fashion brands expanding their business online. They are making sure their presence online and occupy a large share of market. Live streaming and video chat is a way of adopting digital world for companies.

Most of the consumers are demanding from brands to have eco-friendly attitude. That is why most of the companies make their business more sustainable. For example, Adidas use plastic trash after washing into recycled polyester and use the material in shoes and clothes. A well-known brand Chanel replaces synthetic preservative with alternates that are environmentally friendly.

People are buying secondhand or rental items from luxury brands instead of new one.