In summer, everyone has their own preferences. Summer is full of amazing things. But when we are sweating in hot days, melting makeup is not amazing. Melting foundation, sticky lipstick and melted eye liner looks bad. So here are some best makeup tips and best makeup products that we use on face for keeping our face fresh and natural.


Before applying makeup on your skin, it is important to prepare your skin first. You can follow  the best morning skin care routine. Use a moisturizer even if you have oily skin . An oil free moisturizer is good for leave your skin non-greasy for the rest of the day.

Sun Screen

After applying moisturizer, make sure it is protected from sun. For this purpose use a good sun screen spectrum SPF 30 or SPF 50 under makeup. You should apply sun screen after every two hours. But it is difficult if you are outside. Then use an empty makeup compact to apply sunscreen again. Dip this compact into your sunscreen and dab on your face. Some time you don’t want to disturb your makeup. Then use sunscreen in powder form which can be dusted on top of your makeup.


Now it’s time to apply primer. Primer goes on after moisturizer. Before apply any makeup product, primer is necessary. Primer smoothen your skin and give long life to your foundation.

Water proof Products

Try water proof makeup products in summer. If you love swimming, don’t worry about your makeup. Use water proof products. There are a lot of makeup products these days which are waterproof. Invest on waterproof eyeliner, mascara in summer.

Try less makeup

If you want to avoid caking and creasing makeup look, use less amount of foundation. Instead of it only use concealer after primer. Avoid using heavy foundation on your face in hot summer days.

Avoid shimmery products

Everyone wants to look shiny and dewy. But in summer, there is no need of using any shimmery products. Avoid creamy foundation and highlighter in summer because it look extra shiny and sweaty.

Go for nude shade

Deep and bright shade have their own importance in makeup But it looks heavy in summer. So to lighten up your skin, use nude shade on your skin. No makeup look is best in summer.

Stay away from matte lipstick

Avoid matte lipstick in summer and try lip stains. Stain is lovely because it add a lip balm for moisture your lips.

Avoid powder blush

Powder blush add a healthy and balance in your skin but in summer it gives caking look to your skin. Use tint or gel blush for glow on your face.

Setting spray

Always finish your makeup by using setting spray. This is the final step for getting your makeup to long lasting all the day.

Keep mini cosmetics in purse

To avoid oily look, don’t forget to keep some important cosmetics in your purse. That is perfect to set your makeup. For example, carrying bloating paper with you is great to get rid of sweating and oil. You can use powder compact to fix your makeup without using more makeup on your face.