• What kind of exercise is safe during pregnancy?
  • Why exercise during pregnancy?
  • How much exercise should you get during pregnancy?
  • Is there any risk of doing exercise during pregnancy?
  • Exercises to approach with care
  • Psychological benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Physical fitness is very important for all folks. Except for pregnant women it’s an issue, what quantity and what reasonably exercise is best. Pregnancy might sound to take a seat back and relax. During pregnancy you are feeling more tired and your back might more ache than normal for carrying extra weight. In pregnancy it’s important to urge active all time. In pregnancy, usually its recommended safe exercises. If you were physically active before pregnancy then it’s safe to stay active during pregnancy.

What kind of exercise is safe during pregnancy?

Exercise during pregnancy doesn’t mean to loss weight right now but it help to weight loss after delivery of baby. Exercise might not put you miscarriage in normal pregnancy. However it’s important to not start any new activity which you had not performed before pregnancy. Also consult your health doctor for exercise and other precautions. Most exercises are safe during pregnancy as long as you exercise with caution and don’t do over.  Just half-hour exercise is safe not all the day. The safest and beneficial exercises are:

  • Swimming
  • Brisk Walking
  • Light jogging
  • Yoga
  • Indoor Cycling

Why exercise during pregnancy?

There are a lot of benefits doing exercise during pregnancy:

  • A lower risk of diabetes
  • Helps to get strong sleep
  • Helps to avoid weight gain
  • Promote muscle tone
  • Reduce a risk of C-section
  • Boost your mood and energy
  • Reduce constipation, swelling and bloating
  • Regular exercise helps you to cope with physical changes of pregnancy and build your stamina for the challenges ahead
  • It helps to go back your body shape again after baby birth

How much exercise should you get during pregnancy?

Healthy pregnant women should need almost two and half hours exercise during per week. It also mean you’ll do exercise about half-hour daily. If you climb stairs in your job or routine life, you will finish off at 20 to twenty-eight weeks.

Is there any risk if someone exercise  during pregnancy?

Although exercise during pregnancy is nice for health except for some women with particular medical condition, it’s going to be dangerous. Your doctor might advise you to not exercise if you have:

  • Some type of heart and lung disease
  • Any risk of anemia
  • Preterm labor

Exercises to approach with care

If you’re undecided that some workout and exercise is safe during pregnancy then contact your health provider. Also avoid:

  • Scuba diving as it is not safe your baby
  • Any activities that lay down your back to floor
  • Avoid contact sports activity like as hockey, basketball, volley ball
  • Avoid skating, horse riding and downhill skiing
  • Exercise with high altitude
  • Avoid kickboxing
  • Avoid hot yoga
  • Avoid twisting exercise

Psychological benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Women who keep fit during pregnancy are moderate, have strong temperament and psychological strong. It’s an excellent effect on psychological state.  Women who keep exercising during pregnancy have a far better sense of well-being, weight loss and self-esteem. It also helps to scale back depression, improve mental state. It also helps to urge deliveries with less medical interventions and healthier babies.