Hazel eyes

Hazel eyes are generally in brown and green color. It’s a combination of brown, blue, green and hazel. Hazel eye color could be a mixture of golden, brown and green. It’s a really sensitive eye color combination because it changes its shade in several light effects. Your eyes aren’t only 1 color once you have Hazel eyes. Most of the celebrities have Hazel eyes; Aishwarya Ray, Tyra Banks, Kelly Clarkson, and Angelina Jolie are very famous celebrities who have Hazel eyes. If you have got hazel eye color then you have got an excellent advantage to bring these colors out is by using different eye shadow colors. There are different methods to form eyes Hazel pop.

Eye Shadow Color for Hazel Eyes

 Here you can find top ten make up looks that’s suit to you on hazel eye color.

  • Hot pink eye makeup
  • Smokey eye makeup
  • Purple eye makeup
  • Gold glitter eye makeup
  • Bronze eye makeup
  • Mermaid eye makeup
  • Blue eye makeup
  • Shades of brown eye makeup
  • Sunset makeup
  • Cat eye makeup

Experiment with Eye Liner

Most of the people tend to stay with traditional black eye liner. But if you’ve got hazel eye color, try colored eye liner to reinforce your eye color. For instance if you would like to bring out blue eye color, use purple eyeliner. The simplest thanks to bring out your eye color are to use opposite color of eye wheel.

Mascara Color

With hazel eye color try a unique shade of mascara instead of black. Mostly with this eye color brown or purple tint mascara is suitable

Lipstick Color for Hazel Eyes

Choosing eye shadow isn’t the sole thanks to bring out your eye color. Choosing a li color is additionally essential. As an example hazel eye color combination is coral, pink or red color for lips whether its lipstick, lip gloss or lip stain.

Hair Color with Hazel Eye

Hair color is additionally play an excellent role to boost eye color. Ash brown color could be a cool combination of hazel eyes. If you’re scared of dying hair color, try a wig within the color you’re brooding about. During this way you’ll be able to get an inspiration which hair color suit to your skin and eye color.

Clothing and Accessories

Accessories play a much bigger role to bring out your eye color. Avoid clothing that’s the identical shade as your eyes. Try a distinct color opposite your eye color. Some people have greenish-blue eye color however others have greenish-brown eye color. So choose slightly different color of clothing. Colors which look more attractive with hazel eyes are grey, pink, purple, green, dusky pink, caramel, and reddish purple. If you wear glasses then choose a frame color that may prominent your eye color. There are variety of accessories that you just can use to prominent your eye color. for instance use scarf, hat which is from gold, purple or green family. Earrings, bracelet and shoe color also choose wisely.