Some days, we awaken refreshed but other day we feel a foul sleep. in step with a groundwork 83 million Americans are sleepless. Usually poor sleep habits can cause many health issues. If you’re not getting good quality of sleep, you’re at high risk of health issues including Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain and illness. In keeping with research most of American citizens use a tracking device to live some aspects of their health like diet, sleep and fitness. In last years, sleep monitor technology has become very popular. So it’s important to settle on sleep monitor device wisely. Today during this busy life, it’s tougher that how we manage to urge some rest. We must know that, are we getting enough sleep and rest which our body must repair and restore?

  • What is a sleep tracker?
  • How to choose a sleep tracker
  • Wearable & non-wearable sleep trackers
  • Benefits of sleep trackers
  • The best sleep trackers
  • Frequently asked questions
  • How accurate sleep monitors?
  • Who needs it?

What is a sleep tracker?

A sleep tracker could be a device that measures your sleep pattern, habits and sleep duration. It allows you to live the duration and quality of your sleep. It also counts your pulse and respiration rate. It measures physical signals of sleep instead of your activity of brain and eyes movement.

How to choose a sleep tracker?

Each sleep tracker has different features and benefits. It’s also depends on your personal need and preferences. Mostly sleep trackers collect data that will include respiration, heart rate, snoring, sleep time, wake time, blood heat, temperature, amplitude, light and humidity. Since sleep detector vary in sleep related factors so you’ll be able to choose sleeping measurement device in line with your interest. The worth of sleep detector is more important than its price because it depend the usability, features and comforts. Sleep detector also provide a facility of alarm. Awakening from deep sleep is harder than a lightweight sleep. Other alarms allows you to come to life whether you’re in deep sleep or light sleep but trackers analyzes your sleep data and assesses once you are sleeping lightly to wake you at the correct moment.

Wearable & non-wearable sleep trackers

There are two variety of devices, wearable and non- wearable devices. The most difference in these two variety of devices is that wearable devices measure total health of physical structure where as non-wearable tends to count sleep data alone. If you’re interested to watch all of your day time activities and fitness level, you’ll select wearable device. But you’ll monitor your sleep hours only; it’s a best choice to pick out non-wearable device. Here is list of wearable and non- wearable sleep detectors.

Wearable sleep detectors

  • Health tracking ring
  • Smart watch
  • Fitness wristband
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Health tracker hybrid

Non-wearable sleep trackers

  • Mattress sensor
  • Standalone smartphone apps
  • Beside tracker

Benefits of sleep detectors

Here are some benefits of sleep trackers;

  • How well you sleep
  • How long you sleep
  • Sleep reminders
  • Smart alarms
  • Health coaching
  • Community tracking

The best sleep trackers

  • Fitbit versa smart watch (wearable watch)
  • Tempur-pedic sleep tracker (non-wearable under mattress)
  • Withings sleep (non-wearable)
  • Sleepon go2sleep tracker (wearable ring)
  • Polar M430 (wearable watch)
  • Beddit 3 sleep tracker (non- wearable)
  • Lintelek fitness sleep tracker (wearable-wristband)

Frequently asked questions

How accurate sleep monitors?

Mostly sleep detectors are unique and its accuracy relies on technology and style. How accurate sleep trackers are? It’s somewhat undecided by scientific community. to search out the foremost accurate sleep detector the client might want to appear manufacturer information on how the device is validated. Now days, sleep detectors are more reliable and accurate than older ones.

Who needs it?

It is estimated that in US, there are 50 to 70 million adults have a disorder. It’s an alarming situation in US that 100,000 deaths occur in hospitals annually thanks to medical error and sleep deprived people. So sleep trackers help the professionals, parents and athletes to live their sleep hours. Wouldn’t it’s a fun to grasp about what’s occurring along with your body throughout the night?