Athlete diet – Every athlete has in competition. Daily routine training and practice require an ideal diet plan that matches their physical demand. If you’re an athlete, you need to understand how important is your training and performance. Foods you consume become component for your muscles and makes bones strong. Actually the food you eat gives you more energy to practice and participate in competition. Food you consume is additionally help to recover your body and build your muscles. If you would like to perform in Olympic Games, information or weight lifter. It’s all depends on training. To crush your goals you would like a healthy diet plan. An athlete needs more energy state than a traditional person.

Energy content

  • Protein 4 kcal/gram (It plays a crucial role in repair and growth of muscles. Its sources are meats, eggs, fish, chicken, milky products like yogurt, cheese and milk))
  • Carbohydrates 4 kcal/gram (It could be a primary source of energy. Fruits, vegetables, rice cereals, whole grains and breads are its sources.
  • Fat 9 kcal/gram (It plays a key role in maintaining healthy hormone level. Its sources are nuts, vegetable oil, olive oil, avocados, flex seed, paste and vegetable oils.                  

Tips to excel with proper sports nutrition

When creating a diet plan it’s important to recollect that every diet isn’t perfect for each athlete. Athletes are often successful on variety of various diet plans.

Stay Hydrated 24/7

Hydration may be a key element within the performance of sports. Amanda Carlson Phillips a vice chairman of nutrition and research for athlete says that an athlete should drink 0.5 to 1 ounce of H2O per pound weight on a daily basis. Drink while working is most vital. Sip water again and again during training keeps you hydrated. A best hydration option includes water, low fat milk and juices.

Boost your immune system

For better performance as athlete is to remain healthy. It means you would like a decent amount of antioxidants and foods that contain with high amount of proteins and colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet. An athlete should take multivitamins.


The director of an institute of Laboratory for Elite Athlete performance in U.K Dan Benardot says that one of the most important mistakes of an athlete is to skip breakfast. It’s not suitable for an athlete to run within the morning with empty stomach. Because the glucose is already low after you get up early within the morning. So it’s better you must eat some diet before visiting outside within the morning. If you’re not using any strong diet within the morning, a minimum of take a toast or a glass of fruit crush before workout.

Breakfast for athlete doesn’t meant by a conventional breakfast.

Advice of breakfast for athlete normally includes all grain breads, oatmeal; eggs and meats for protein, low fats dairy milk things like yogurt & milk, for calcium and fruits for vitamins are important. An athlete who don’t eat animal products –are at high risk of nutritional deficiencies.

Lunch food for Athletes

Even if you’re in training don’t skip lunch. If you’re busy in training eat little portion of your lunch before workout and complete the remainder afterword so you get enough calories and nutrients. Lunch for athlete may contain sandwiches, soup and salad or the mixture of nuts, seeds, hard boiled eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables. But detain mind that doesn’t eat aliment like burger, pizza, hot dogs and fries.

Dinner Foods for Athletes

A healthy and balanced dinner plan for athletes consists of lean protein 4 to five ounces and a cup of green leafy vegetables. Foods that contain carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and rice. A dinner could be an experience to fill up but not overstuffs an excessive amount of food.

Meal Plans, (Pre workout, Post workout)

When you arrange your meal plans confine mind, it should be in line with your exercise, your body size, and your performance. The amount of food you’re taking is in keeping with your metabolism. Snacks between meals also can be important before and after workout. After you are heading to practice, have lightweight snacks in 30 to hours to understanding. Between meals the simplest snacks for athletes are energy bars, banana or toast with light paste.

Nutrition on Game Day

There are some golden rules after you are eating on game or competition day. Prepare yourself for competition or game day by taking diet as mentioned above. But it doesn’t mean that you simply should take a significant diet on game day. Never try any new supplement or any diet protocol on game day. As you’re visiting close your competition day, make your diet smaller. You will also minimize the employment of dairy products, fats and carbohydrates sources during the second half an hour pre event practice.

Foods, Athlete Must Avoid

  • Avoid aliment
  • Limits fiber
  • Avoid soda
  • Don’t use caffeine
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Limits sports drink
  • Don’t use saturated and Trans fat