The beauty industry has one in every of the foremost contentious business spaces. There little questions that internet or social media has changed all aspects of life. It’s opened new world for all people. Internet has dramatically changed our purchasing habit. There was a time once we bought only products which was available at our region. We move to store and asked store boys for showing the wonder products then try those products. Now trend has changed. Internet has changed beauty industry too. Now beauty buyers relay on opinions and reviews of others. YouTube plays a vital role during this sense. Beauty industry hires variety of expert bloggers for reviews of their products. They introduced new products via reviews. Ramp walk and role of celebrities in introducing beauty brand are going slow. Beauty buyers are clearly like in engaging with different brands on social media. People are now buying online.

  • How social media is reshaping beauty industry
  • Online shopping
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How social media is reshaping the beauty industry

Due to the recognition of social media every brand has its own marketing strategy. Beauty industry has also brought their shops to the consumers rather than asking them to go to. Visual social media platform like Instagram are getting used as virtual product displays. These online stores are providing online buying their consumers. There have been actual websites where the consumers make purchase. Consumers can place order online or send direct message. They will select payment method cash on delivery or from their online wallet. Numerous beauty brands provide global shipping.

Online shopping

Consumers are around 41% are discovering new brands by seeing ads and about 47% more likely to buy online via updates on social media pages.

This index shows what quantity of beauty buyers typically find new brands and products via;

  • By seeing ads on social media 37%
  • Posts from bloggers 22%
  • Updates on brand’s social media pages 22%
  • By celebrities advertising 22%
  • Comments on social media 37%

Furthermore, online markets help the new brands to age. Mostly brands do their marketing and promotion online through social media. After you are thinking to glow your skin, remove your freckles otherwise you have any hair or other beauty problems. You Tube would be a one-step solution of these problems. There are plenty of videos and tutorials for nearly every beauty problems. Social media is changing the sweetness industry during a positive way.


The popularity of social media has played an excellent role within the evolution of beauty industry. Social media has played an enormous role in making beauty industry global. To square enter this competitive world you have got a transparent voice and a particular brand. Use some good strategies like attractive logo, color and name. It’s not about only tone of an organization but you’ve got a distinct brand personality also. Building a replacement brand on social media requires you to stay active and post relevant content constantly. Frequently post useful content to have interaction your audience.