Black color is considered a sign of power, mystery, authority and aggression. It is also considered the color of life, joy and love.  Black color is considered classy. It is gorgeous and strong color. Black is modest color as well. In the 16th century black color became the protestant reformation in Europe and England and America. This color is considered as a sign of modesty and purity. The use of black color remain in fashion throughout 17th century.

If you want to feel confident, you are going to wear black colour. People who wear black colour are more purposeful and ambitious. Research shows that wearing black colour appears more attractive. People who have fatty look may wear black colour look more slimmy and fit. 66% of women think that wearing black colour is the most attractive colour on man. According to the stylist “Even if your wardrobe is full of clothes  with a variety of colours , there is always a colour that is your most favorite is the colour that also reflect your character. In the field of psychology, the black colour is considered a colour of prestige, seriousness and intelligence. Buyshirtsonline, a wholesaler supplier in UK conducted a survey on how clothing colour effect the way to other see us. The research shows that black colour is considered decent, striking and gorgeous colour by both from male and female. Blackfashion make you more attractive by the surroundings.  Black colour fashion is never outdated because Blackfashion fits in every situations. It is not difficult to carry black colour dress and you need not worry to take extra time to get ready. Black colour matches with every colour. I mostly prefer to wear black colour with other colours like dark red, green, white and golden colours clothing. However people think that  in summer it is hard to wear black colour.

Qualities of black

Black clothing has been very popular among all age groups. It has an undeniable power. It absorbs all visible wavelengths. It can be rebellious like the black leather jackets worn by bikers. In much culture black is the sign of grief or mourning. But it can be a sophisticated as well as chic in all other culture.

All the qualities make black color distinctive position in fashion.

It has an endless color combination. Black is a popular choice. In a recent analysis, more than 183,000 dresses online sale in UK were some shades of black.  Black dresses were sold out in greater numbers in the first week of January 2018 and the same period in last year too. These numbers speaks the popularity of black color. Moreover it works with every skin tone and every body shape.  It never goes an end. Black color dresses make body more slim and unify the body parts. Since many bodies are not slim and lack perfect harmony, a black color dress can help to give them a smarter look in the present fashion climate.

It remains a popular choice for all types of styles today. Black color fancy cocktail parties and matches black eyeliner as readily as thrown on black for night out.

By all these indications its popularity and attraction is not going to an end.